Monday, 31 May 2010

Introductory Waffle

I haven't had a waffle, neither sweet nor savoury, in years. That isn't relevant.


I have been persuaded to begin a blog. My intent is for it to cover - in the main - the armoured fighting vehicles of the Imperial Guard of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K setting. In case I need to say it, the copyright and whatnot are all theirs, and so on. I began collecting the army back in about 2000, although I had previously toyed with a Tyranid army in the 40K universe, and an Empire army in GW's Warhammer Fantasy setting.

It became apparent after a while that I was spending a fair whack of cash, so I bought some plasticard and started knocking up some vehicles based on the GW designs (for my own use). It also became apparent that I'd failed to repress my innate/learned desire to have a comprehensive collection when I looked at the total number of vehicles and spotted it was hovering around the 200 mark. By then it was too late, and the attic has yet to fall in on me, so I am still making the wee things. And not so wee, given the size of superheavies.

I will mainly blog about pieces I'm working on, but may well mention other things that catch my mind. Vegan haggis, for instance, is jolly tasty. Anyway, this will do for now, I think. So good bye for now!



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  2. 200?! I'd love to see a picture of them all!

    Also have you seen the new Spearhead rules?

    (Now with my actual user name so you know who I am...)

  3. I've got a picture of lots of them somewhere, but I've never photographed the entirety of them because a 12' by 6' gaming board is too small to hold them! I'll see about digging up some of the pictures of the collection later on, old boy.

    Aye, saw the Spearhead rules, and while they are interesting, my main feeling about them is that Games Workshop has definitely got a head of steam behind a new idea. Whereas they used to recommend people come up with ideas on their own and play new scenarios, the new approach is to think up every possible permutation, slap a price tag on it and go from there. ;-)

    Of course, the Spearhead rules are free, but they encourage more purchases of Baneblades and so on, so it's good business. Nice kits, those, incidentally. I wish I could afford another!


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