Friday, 30 August 2013

Bunkers upon bunkers upon bunkers

I have spent much of the last few weeks making bunkers. I'm planning on popping them up en masse on Ebay once I'm well into the construction process, which is fairly close to where I am currently. This sounds surprising until I tell you I have 135 vegan ice-cream tubs to turn into bunkers. We don't throw things away in this family! So I bought three big sheets of 5mm foamcard, and got to cutting. I already cut vision slits in seven of the eight sides of the bunkers, and have been gluing slices of foamcard to them, and re-making the vision slits again. Anyway, this is going to be eating up a lot of time for a while yet, but if anyone fancies themselves a bunker, keep your eyes on this blog. Here's a pile of semi-constructed bunkers for your delight.

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