Monday, 25 November 2013


Rather my raison d'etre at the minute, foolishness. I habitually keep odd hours unless compelled otherwise. So last night I was tidying my room, and went outside to put some old White Dwarf magazines in the recycling bin. The house has a main part and an extension. When I came back into the extension and attempted to open the inner door, I found I mustn't have clicked the catch properly. After turning it a few times, hoping for a miracle, I gave up and went to ring the front doorbell. But everyone slept through my repeated ringing, and I had to retire defeated. It wasn't too bad, just cold. The washer and tumble dryer live back there, so I was able to pop on a couple more layers. An old thick coat of mine lives just inside the back door, and I nabbed a hat. We keep old sheets and towels to cover stuff when decorating, so I pulled a mess of those out, too, and swaddled myself in them like a mummy.

Through an odd quirk, we have an old computer in the back, hooked up to a camera system to film any invaders with nefarious intent, so I even had music courtesy of the internet. There a sink in the back, so hot and cold running water was also available. Anyway, I locked myself out about 03:30, and was released from my prison of foolishness about 09:00, an hour ago. So I suppose the lesson is not to use the back door, as it'll trickily pretend to be fine, then shut me out. Tut-tut! With that, I bid you all a good Monday morning, but from my perspective, good night! :-)

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