Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Terrain: Barn Built

Inspired by the excellent Terrain for Hippos, I decided to put together a thatched building. I realised toward the end I'd forgotten to add a chimney or any hole in the roof at all, so this'll be a barn. I cut out some walls and roof sections, pinned and glued them together on a 7" by 8" base. Then I cut some balsa strips to make the supports, door and window, and glued on strips of a recently-deceased towel to make the thatch. I secured the thatch by painting watered-down PVA glue onto it. After that I applied some filler to the walls for a bit of texture, and some sand to the base for the ground. Then I got out the paintbrushes and gave it a good going over, finally adding three shades of static grass and some clump foliage in a couple of spots. Here she is with a couple of 28mm lads for scale. A Copplestone palaeontologist and a Great War miniatures BEF officer. I have a lot of towel left, and found some of that much recommended teddy-bear fur upstairs when doing a spot of cleaning at the weekend, along with a roof for a building I never finished. So watch this space for a few more of these!

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