Friday, 17 October 2014

Painting up a Jagdpanther in 1/48

Some years ago I bought a few things in the above scale: a Pz III, a Sherman, a section of British and German infantry, and the above-mentioned tank hunter. I had some notion of doing a very small scale skirmish game, but nothing ever came of that. I got as far as painting the Sherman and undercoating the other tanks. The other week I was motivated to dig out the German vehicles and have a go at finishing them. Again, I have a vague idea about using them in some skirmish games, though I confess the Jagdpanther will be ridiculous overkill in comparison to anything else I have lying about. More thought is needed. Anyway, I didn't have any particular historical vehicles in mind as inspirations, just the general red-green-yellow camouflage scheme. The flash has been a bit unkind in highlighting the wear and tear - which is less obvious in the flesh. Here she is with a 28mm GWM WWI German officer for scale. There's plenty left to do, but I hope posting this will spur me on to get her done.

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