Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Happy Bunny

Our wee rabbit, Spot, has been living inside for the past few months. He's been very poorly, but my brother has diligently nursed him back to health. However, he has been getting a bit stir-crazy at having to stay inside. Rabbits can be forgiven for failing to comprehend weather forecasts given in human, I submit. Anyway, today it has been rather sunny, if still a bit chilly. So twice I took him outside. We have a small run in the garden, and I sat with him for c.20 minutes before I had to go to work, and, after I returned from work, c.45 minutes. He had a lovely time, digging for roots, eating some dandelion leaves, and standing on bits of me in an effort to find out why his path was obstructed. The answer to that last part is that I'm fat, and my brother, who usually takes him out there, is thin. :D Here he is - the bunny, not the brother:

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