Monday, 11 July 2016

Warhammer Fantasy for Frostgrave

I'm having a get-together her at the end of August with some old friends from uni. One's promised to bring Frostgrave with him, and introduce us to it. So I've dug out some old Warhammer Fantasy models to whip into shape. There seem to be some wizards, High Elves (so I'm unsure how much use they'll be), Wood Elves (whose ears one cannot make out), Bretonnian archers, some Empire swordsmen, some Estalian swordsmen, and a few Norse (do GW do those any more?). The funniest little Norse chap with his ginormous axe and horned helmet still looks more realistic than the sorts of things one sees these days, and he just looks nuts!

Truthfully, two of the Norse look perfectly fine - to my inexperienced eye, admittedly - for historical use. As you can see, I'm nowhere close to finished with these chaps yet. These are just WIP shots. I'm aiming for a variety of colour across them all. Some groups will fit thematically better together than others, e.g. one could attach a couple of archers to any warband, but the Norse may look odd with others, and the distinct stylings of the Empire and Estalian troops strongly suggest they ought to stick together. Then again, the wizards of the College of Light and the Grand Theogonist Whatsisname don't really fit with the other chaps terribly well. Perhaps that's fine, though; a wealthy magician simply turns up and throws money at some hired muscle. Yes, that sounds about right.

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