Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Native huts: Part 1 - construction

After seeing a terrain tutorial in Wargames Illustrated #350 on making huts I was inspired to knock up a few huts. They were so easy I may make a load more. That said, I did run into a problem, as I shall relate. Anyway, I took some circular containers, marked them and cut them to the right size. The photos are pretty self-explanatory. I started using foamcard to make the roofs, and then realised I could just as well use some scrap card and foam I had lying about. I daubed on the walls a mix of paint, filler, sand and PVA. Once the elements were dry, I smoothed the edges with a knife, and squirted mastic on them to further smooth out the lines. Then I started gluing strips of towel on to stand in for straw. And here is where it went a bit wrong. As you can see in the final photo, the roof looks all kinds of wrong. And you can see what I decided to do about it: cut out circles of towel rather than strips. As you'll see in Part 2, they look much better.

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