Friday, 10 January 2014

Star Fleet: Destroyer Squadron WIP

Some time ago I decided to carve up a spare heavy cruiser to make a destroyer for my Star Fleet forces. This took a bit of work, as it was made of metal, so I resolved to chop up my resin heavy cruiser and battlecruiser once I had a new fleet through from Wayland. Unfortunately, they weren't able to get the fleet, so I decided to go ahead anyway. The cruiser will be a similar missile-armed destroyer like the original conversion: a DDG in SFU parlance. The battlecruiser, which has a larger bridge and an apparent gunnery deck at the bottom of the neck connecting it to its nacelle, will be serving as a destroyer leader, a DDL, utilising Gorn Plasma Torpedoes in place of the missiles. I have bashed together some suitable stats for the time-being, until these get official SF: ACTA sanction from ADB. Unfortunately, I snapped my last drillbit for my pin vice, so until a replacement arrives via Ebay I can't do much with these lads. I have a few leftover bits, so I already have another conversion in mind for another ship. More on that anon. For now, here's the squadron as it currently stands. I'll be taking this opportunity to make some modifications to the original destroyer conversion, too.

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