Monday, 27 January 2014

Star Fleet: Planetoids

Since it was Christmas, I picked up some Christmas baubles going cheap. Last year I picked some up and glued them on sticks, but this year I decided to halve them to make some wee planetoids and planets. I carved the baubles along the joining line. Not all baubles are equal, so a few shattered in this attempt, and ended up in the bin. Most of them were fine, so I advanced to the next stage. In the majority of cases, I just glued some sand on them, applied a layer of diluted PVA glue on that, and painted over that. Some of them I lavished with more attention. I used Greenstuff or Milliput to make some continents on some, and some others I covered in a layer of putty, then carved lines in it to make a fractured volcanic planet and some ice worlds. The destroyer is for scale. More to follow.


  1. very cool looking - couple thoughts;
    1. instead of ornaments that could shatter or break, maybe use a tennis ball?
    2. ping pong balls could be alternate sizes? moons maybe?

    1. Cheers! They aren't fragile once they've had a bit of work, and the main selling point was the incredible cheapness. I think all of the above and several other bits only cost £4 because of the post-Christmas sales. There's a nice range of sizes from teeny bits to nice big ones.


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