Saturday, 12 April 2014

Two Sentinels being painted

I'm going to be popping up a few things on Ebay, and some madness is making me want to paint things before they go up. I've been at work on a pair of Imperial Guard Sentinels. One, armed with an autocannon, is crouching low, dodging enemy fire, and the other, bearing a multilaser, is stretching upward, trying for a good shot on one of those new Knights, no doubt. They have slightly different schemes: one is in an olive drab, and the other is a more honest and vibrant green. I'm keener on the drab. Both have had some grey chipping applied with a sponge. I'll probably do a bit more work, then pop them up. If you didn't see yesterday's blog, I have a Forgeworld Heavy Mortar and a model locomotive (Hornby H0/00 Class 90 Bo-Bo Electric Locomotive in Speedlink Distribution Livery) on Ebay at the moment. Here are the Sentinels.

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