Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy Vinalia!

Since it's 23rd April, I think we all know what day it is. That's right: the feast of Vinalia urbana.

The Vinalia were Roman festivals of the wine harvest, wine vintage and gardens, held in honour of Jupiter and Venus. The Vinalia prima ("first Vinalia"), also known as the Vinalia urbana ("Urban Vinalia") was held on April 23, to bless and sample last year's wine and ask for good weather until the next harvest. The Vinalia rustica ("Rustic Vinalia") was on August 19, before the harvest and grape-pressing.

So remember to sample a spot of wine after work, folks! Spill any, and you can always claim it's an offering to Jove or Venus. :D

Also, Happy St George's Day, 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and thousandth anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf!

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