Friday, 2 May 2014

Star Trek: TOS-style Research Cruiser

I had a nice package through from Shapeways today. A chap there has a few lovely little designs, and this one will go very nicely. It's a pretty perfect match in terms of scale with the miniatures formerly produced by Mongoose. They are still available from Amarillo Design Bureau in America. Anyway, this wee ship will serve nicely as USS Reliant. I've gone for a different colour scheme for this one. Drybrushing was right out, as even at the highest detail level, the striations are immediately exposed. So I undercoated the translucent model in white, then applied multiple thin coats of Citadel Ulthuan Grey, with a little highlight of that grey mixed with their White Scar white. I just need to fix her to a base now. And sort out some decals. Here's how she is now, anyway.

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