Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Terrain: Building under construction

I had a busy weekend. A lot of garden furniture and whatnot had a coat of wood preserver. I only spent a couple of hours on the Saturday, but I was hard at it for nearly six on Sunday. That's what good weather's for, isn't it? As a result, I was a bit zonked out. I'm back at it now, anyway. I saw a few things last week which made me think I should have a go at a Middle Eastern house with a courtyard. One was this new Warlord kit. They do several nice buildings - if only there were more money in the world. Anyway, inspiration also struck in the form of the buildings in an AAR on Warseer by sigur. I'm sure there was a third one, but I can't seem to remember it now. Anyway, I decided to use a bit of plasticard for the base. I'd previously cut it out for another building, which is going to get a somewhat larger base to stand on. I sharpened a few matchsticks and used them to pin the walls together. I did a lot of dry-fitting, added a courtyard wall, and started work on a staircase. Then I decided to add a single-storey building in the courtyard to break up the staircase. I carved out a few doorways and windows, then hot-glued the whole together and to the base.

Here she is as she stands. I am going to apply some filler and sand to the outside of the building next. I don't want to muck up the windows I have waiting, so they'll be stuck on once the gloop has been applied and dried. Hence the roofs have yet to be applied to the main building and the courtyard extension. I've propped them in place for the second pair of photos to give some idea of how the building should look on completion.

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