Wednesday, 14 May 2014

40K Tanks: Leman Russ and Demolisher

Another blast from the past, this. Several years ago I knocked up a few ridiculously tall Demolisher turrets. I'd like to say, they're more realistic than GW's, but these were early efforts, and are possibly (probably) both less realistic and less attractive than GW's work. Nonetheless, they have a certain nostalgic slab-sided charm for me, so I dissected the base of an old Russ turret, and married it to a Russ I'd made from leftovers and plasticard years ago. More charming by far is the regular Leman Russ. I had in mind a miniature Imperial tank which toted just a battlecannon in a turret, and a Heavy Bolter/Flamer in a frontal hull position. The sole one I made before losing interest and energy is quite adorable, but I knocked up ten turrets before succumbing to weakness. I'm pretty happy with them, and decided to convert a few to fit on the ragtag assembly of hulls I have sitting around these days. If they have a flaw, it's that to avoid creating a shell-trap, I have had to move the turrets quite far back. The turret hanging over the engine compartment doesn't bother me, but the hatches not being aligned with the neck does. But I like them anyway. Expect a few more soon.

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