Friday, 16 May 2014

40K Tanks: Leman Russ Vanquisher and Punisher

I'm not up to speed on Imperial Guard things these days. Astra Militarum - the stars of female soldiers? My Classicist's bones creak in protest. Eh, that's GW: if you can't stand the badly beaten corpse of Latin moaning and pleading for its life in the corner, stay out of the writers' way. Anyway, today I'm continuing with some work I started last time on converting some turrets I made years ago to serve on Leman Russes. The first one I trimmed the barrel back a bit, and inserted a Punisher barrel I made yonks ago. I recall I had some idea of a twin Punisher cannon on a Macharius variant  (as in forty shots, not 20 rerolled ones), and I still have that turret somewhere. The second I added most of the barrel from an old Vanquisher turret I partly scratchbuilt and partly kitbashed even longer ago. Maybe eight or nine years, that. It seems to me to have a vaguely WWII German look to it - maybe a Panther. The barrel length seems really disproportionate to the hull and turret size, and that tinkles that little bell that says Panther. I may do a couple more conversions of these old turrets. If I wanted to round out what was the Guard armoury last time, there'd be the Executioner, Exterminator and Eradicator to produce. I could make them all, but I don't want to push myself beyond what I'm willing to do.

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