Monday, 26 May 2014

X-Wing: repainted Micromachines

I finally got round to playing X-Wing the other week. Some friends and I played the simple starter version - no complicated gaming when booze is involved! It inspired me to dig out some of my old Micromachines and have a crack at repainting them. Not to toot my own horn, but they've come out most satisfactorily. The Empire is now strengthened by an Interceptor, a technological terror to augment their two TIEs. Perversely, the Rebel X-Wing is now supported by her design's predecessor, the Z-95 Headhunter. Paint-wise, they all received a dark grey undercoat before I began work. The Squint (as anyone who's read the X-Wing books will know the Interceptor) received progressively lighter drybrushes of grey, then some black on the cockpit windows and wing panels to finish them off.

The Z-95 (did they merit a nickname in the X-Wing books?) again had progressively lighter greys drybrushed on, but then I switched to shades of khaki instead. A few spots had a coat of orange, which I then painted scarlet over. I then washed the whole fighter with some Agrax Earthshade, after which I repainted the cockpit window black. Finally, there's a Skipray Blastboat, which, memory tells me, and the Star Wars Wiki confirms, could help either side out. Like the TIE she also had progressively lighter drybrushes, then a few carefully applied spot of green, some black for the windows, a few spots of white, and a wash of Agrax Earthshade all over, giving her something of an intermediate look. I'll have to sort out some stats and bases for these guys for the next time I have a game. Here they are for now with the original models for comparison.

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