Monday, 17 October 2016

Ancient Egyptian Tomb in 28mm

Sinister ruins from the age of the pharaohs - and Happy Six Hundredth Blog!

What lies in the darkness of the tomb? A king's ransom in precious metals and ancient artefacts or a vengeful mummy, wrested from his slumbers by odious graverobbers?


A nice simple little project here. Just a wee oblong bit of packaging, with foamcard glued to most of the sides, and a ruined entrance built up from offcuts. I peeled the paper off one side of the foamcard,  and scribed in details of stonework. I wanted it to look fairly imposing, so deliberately chose to make the stones look like large pieces. They aren't cyclopean, but they are pretty hefty. Once the piece was assembled, I gave it a coat of polyfilla over the stonework, and glued sand to the base.


A really simple bit of work again. I gave the piece a grey undercoat. You can see this in the recesses in the photographs, but in the flesh it's almost invisible. Then I applied a coat of some cream paint. Once that was dry I picked out the recesses in the stonework with diluted dark brown paint, and then gave the whole a drybrush of the dream mixed with the white. I'm very happy with how it came out.

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