Monday, 24 October 2016

Fences a la The Terrain Tutor


I already have something like twelve feet (3.6m) of fences for 28mm, so why make more? Well, simply put, because the ones Mel makes look a lot nicer than the ones I already had. Besides, who doesn't need 16 foot of model fencing? I can almost feel teh Battle of Farmville approaching.

How to make the fences

If you want to make something like this, I can do no better than direct you to the scenery wizard who inspired me, The Terrain Tutor. He's a top bloke, whose dream is to teach everyone how to make gorgeous terrain for their games. He has all sorts of tutorials on there. If you haven't checked him out already, do so now!

Here is the link to his Youtube channel.

Here is the link to his tutorial on fences.

Here's how mine turned out


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