Wednesday, 23 November 2016

CD-case-based ruins

An experiment gone awry

I tried this a few months back - before I was aware of UHU glue. I glued foamcard to CD cases with PVA glue, and carved it to form a mound. Then I pinned the walls in place with, er, pins, to secure them as the PVA set. Wanting the buildings to look like Tudor-style homes, I used slices of balsa to duplicate their appearance.


As it turns out, the bases didn't care for the PVA and so curved up. I am quite happy with the majority  of the work, but not so much the bendiness. I found it a bit dispiriting, but am almost ready to give it another go with UHU.


  1. Its like a veritable terrain factory. I have to think about doing some more terrain, really need more on my battlefield but want to get on with my armies, which is a struggle in itself!

    1. Cheers, mate! It's sort of the reverse here: I keep thinking I need to get some troops done, but get distracted by the terrain. :D


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