Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tyrannosaurus princeps

'Cause, you see, a princeps (prince) is below a rex (king)? Guys? Guys? No? Aw, man.

Anyway, these are 1/35 scale infant tyrannosaurs from Tamiya's Mesozoic Creatures pack. I rather liked the colour-scheme of the tiger, so adapted it somewhat. No feathers on these old-style models, mind you. One is built out of the box, and the other has been cut up and repositioned so I don't have two identical models. For scale is a 28mm WWI BEF officer. Yes, 28mm and 1/35 are not the same, but one can happily posit that the 1/35 scale infants are merely a little less infantile in 28mm.

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