Saturday, 3 December 2016


From the same Tamiya 1/35 Mesozoic Creatures pack, two Parasaurolophi. Again, one as the box suggests, and t'other sliced up and rearranged. Note that I have avoided the use of flock and static grass. Grass didn't exist way back when.* Arguably, if one's hunting dinos on Challenger's Lost World, it should or could be present, but maybe just call me eccentric!

EDIT: A good friend has pulled me up on this. It turns out that although grass didn't become common until the Oligocene or Miocene, long after the dinosaurs, the earliest evidence for grass is in the form of Cretaceous coprolites from India. Our good blue friends below are from that very time, so they could indeed have espied the rare tuft of grass!

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