Monday, 24 September 2012

Lexington-class in progress

I ordered a few bits and bobs for a friend's birthday the other day, and decided to treat myself to a Lexington at the same time. It arrived the other day, though not with the whole of the order, so I shall give Mongoose a ring later on to sort that out. I lament once more the switch from resin to metal: I still find the nacelle struts a devil to fit in place. You can see below that I have been reduced to deploying a great ring of GS around the strut in an attempt to secure it. Painting is in progress, so while I wait for the GS to cure, I present some in-progress photographs of Lexington beside her near-sister, Enterprise. I'm toying with buying some of those decals one hears about, as my lack of appreciation for my painting of such small details is overwhelming my fears as regards applying decals to such uneven surfaces. Enjoy!

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