Friday, 28 September 2012

Star Fleet Terrain: That's no moon! Part 2/2

Very simple, this bit. Once you've got your bits of polystyrene and foam, and you surplus golf balls and whatnot all coated in sand (or not, in some cases), get out the paint, and go to work. I chose to leave a couple of these planetoids mainly one colour, with some slight streaks of lighter shades, evoking some of those planets one sees the Enterprise orbiting in The Original Series. I prefer the look of the smaller things to the appearance of the large planet, so I may revisit it at some point. For now, however, it will be just perfect for the "Explore a Strange New World" scenario, and these little bits and pieces will be lovely for the "Ambush" scenario. So here's a few examples of what you can get with a very little effort, but which will make all the difference to the look of the ol' gaming table. Look forward to seeing these in forthcoming battle reports. Part 1 is here.

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