Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Star Fleet: Second Battle of the Adelphos Nebula

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! My brother and I once more ventured up to the distant reaches of the galaxy (well, the middle attic) to blast one another to atoms with Phasers and Photons, Disruptors and Drones. Following the previous Battle of the Adelphos Nebula, Star Fleet had dispatched a stronger force to control the area, removing the frigate, and reinforcing USS Enterprise with USS Lexington, aboard which sat a commodore. The Klingons were in no mood to lose the region, and so had sent in a D6 Heavy Cruiser and a C7 Heavy Battlecruiser. We switched places this time, with my brother taking the Federation and me taking the Klingon side.

In the first turn the Klingons aggressively seized the Initiative, heading forward with the C7, and sending the D6 on a telegraphed flanking manoeuvre. Some harmless Drone fire did little damage to either side.Then the Federation forces took the Initiative, but long range fire with more weaponry still did precious little damage. We both forgot about Special Actions, so neither side did much preparing to be attacked or anything else.

In the third turn, my Klingon ships concentrated their fire on Lexington, reducing her shields almost to nil. The D6 had swung round behind the advancing Federation ships, aided by her superior manoeuvrability, and was firing point-blank into her rear. The Federation vessels continued to concentrate on the Klingon Battlecruiser to no avail. Some critical damage was done to the D6 with secondary weapons.Her engineers managed to repair the damage to the Weapons Systems, but not to the Crew areas. At this point I gave my brother some well-meaning advice, which turned out badly. The Federation cruisers were both in range and arc to fire their Photons, but I recommended to him not to fire them this turn, as next turn they would be at point blank range, and would be more likely to hit. Next turn I remembered that this was "three-dimensional" space, so I could zoom right past the Federation ships. Next time, I shall keep my big, fat, Klingon mouth shut!

Remembering that Special Actions existed, I ordered All hands on deck! for the Klingon Battlecruiser and Overload Weapons! for the Heavy Cruiser. After the smoke had cleared, USS Lexington was crippled and the Battlecruiser's shields were down. The Battlecruiser managed to repair all damage in the End Phase, as did the Heavy Cruiser. In the next turn, the Klingons deliberately headed away from USS Enterprise, intent on regaining shielding and appropriate firing arcs prior to re-engaging. My brother's rather too smart for that, and so in Turn 6, Lexington having been blasted to pieces, Captain Kirk ordered Maximum Warp Now! which would see the Enterprise safely away, able to inform Star Fleet of the disastrous loss of the Lexington and Commodore Um.

The following photos were staged after the battle, so may not be wholly accurate representations of the fight. I forgot something, fetched it, forgot something else, fetched it, and then realised I had forgotten the camera. Not wishing to trespass on my brother's good will further, I decided I would just do my best to remember locations as well as I could! A future battle should see a more sizeable clash as the Federation sends in more ships to secure this significant border area from the diabolical Klingons. You know, I've never trusted them since they killed my boy? Wait, no, that's a future film-Kirk's boy. Sorry, I'm easily confused about who I am! Next time, however, we may give the Romulans a go, since they have Klingon hulls in their service. I suspect we'll go for about 500pts a-side, or 2-3 ships. Enjoy the pics now, folks.

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