Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Egyptian-style tomb

I have had several nondescript rectangles of foam sitting about glued to boards for a couple of years now.Recently it occurred to me to make them slightly less rectangular, and so was born the idea of making some (presumably ransacked) Egyptian-ish tombs. The first one is complete, so here you go. Construction is pretty self-explanatory.I cut a hole in the block, and added a sloped frontage, then clothed that frontage with black foam, and the rest of the tomb with foamcard. I scribed stonework on with a pencil, added a few offcuts to the roof, and then textured the foam with a light coat of filler. A little paint later (and some sand on the base), and here we are. I neglected to consider that thickening the inside of the entryway would make it a bit too narrow for a standard base, so our usual Scots officer has had to move outside for the after shots.


  1. Creative and very, very nice job...any treasury? Mummy?

    1. Merci, Phil! Aye, it is rather reminiscent of a Treasury I saw at Delphi years ago now you mention it. I must have a mummy somewhere. :D


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