Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lost in the Jungle

Inspired again by Mel the Terrain Tutor, I have been revamping some old jungle terrain, which has been long abandoned. This mainly amounted to covering the bases with loads of cheap herbs - the purchase of several tubs of these led to a certain amount of bemusement on the part of the lady operating the checkout. My explanation that I was working on a jungle didn't seem to clarify things. How odd!

Anyway, I had and have in mind to use it for games of dinosaur hunting and, of course, Predators hunting humans. I need to get some more gloss varnish to give these a protective coat once they have had a highlight or two, but for now they look pretty fine. This is the majority of my jungle, but I have a few plants left over, and am in the process of making some bamboo outcrops.

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