Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Egyptian-Style Tombs and a Permanent State of Distraction

I think the key to being me, in terms of my model-making personality, to be precise, is to always have* too many projects on the go. For instance, as well as several long-abandoned projects** I have been working on completing hedgerow for three different scales of gaming,*** renovating some long-forgotten jungle terrain I was never happy with, working on my Tudor-style houses, those castle walls, and, in the last two days, distracted myself by fiddling around with some blocks of packing foam. Years ago I glued these to bases, and just couldn't think of anything to do that wouldn't leave them looking like blocks. So I abandoned them. For some reason or another, inspiration finally struck, and I am now crafting some things that give the feel of ancient tombs. I make no pretense at scrupulous historical accuracy; these things owe more to Indiana Jones than Howard Carter. Apologies for the quality of these pictures. I cannot find the cable for my camera, so I'm resorting to my telephone.

* Remember to split your infinitives from time to time, kids: linguam Latinam non dicimus (We aren't speaking Latin).
** Whatever happened to that table I was going to turn into an apartment building?
*** 6mm, 15mm and 28mm.

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