Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Banesword and Stormblade

I've worked a bit on the engine of the Banesword.


I have also moved almost to completion on my first Stormblade.



This little fella has quite the history. I built the chassis initially to serve as a carrier for a Deathstrike Missile - long before the current IG Codex - as I felt that a Chimaera wasn't really enough for an ICBM. Then one day I knocked up the Plasma Blastgun from a bit of wood, some gardening wire and some plasticard, and wanted to mount it on something right away. Remembering that one of the theories for the appearance of the Leman Russ (i.e. its failure to look like a modern tank) is that it's an STC's modification of a tractor or somesuch, I decided the same could apply to this beasty. So in-universe she was originally a large urban construction vehicle, to which was added the main armament of a Stormblade which was otherwise wrecked. Back to modelling now. For many months she's been gathering dust, until last night when I suddenly grabbed a lot of plasticard, rulers, knife, and pencil, and started measuring, cutting and gluing. So now she has an engine compartment and some side armour plating. She as yet needs a spot of prettifying, but I should soon be able to start work on painting her!

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