Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Banesword scratch

Apologies for the hiatus. I fell into a bit of a slump. Now, however, I'm over it. To prove it, here's a Banesword I've been working on for a bit.



The Banesword's the long-range artillery variant of the Shadowsword. I do have the barrel, but forgot to add it for the picture. So here she is with the gun at an earlier stage of her life.



  1. The more of your weathering I see the more I think that simply doing a mud wash is kinda half-arsing it.

  2. It's less fearsome than it may appear. I paint them thus.

    1. Undercoat with Halford's yellow primer (it's a car primer). As it's a primer, I take care not to spray too close, lest it obscure details.

    2. Fill in any gaps with a yellow Foundation paint.

    3. Spray a gloss varnish over any areas I intend to put transfers.

    4. Apply transfers.

    5. Seal the transfers with another layer of varnish.

    6. Get a piece of packing foam, and dip it in black paint. Dab most of this onto some kitchen roll, then apply judiciously to the model, creating the appearance of worn paint.

    7. Follow this up with a brown, and then a yellow over a) areas I've hit too hard with black and brown, and b) areas with transfers. The latter makes it look as though the ID paint has worn off, back to the yellow base coat of the vehicle.

    8. Paint the tracks black, then drybrush with a metallic colour.

    9. Paint all the stowage, viewports and so on.

    10. Apply a mud mix to the tracks. I make this from brown paint, black paint, Polyfilla, PVA glue, water and sand. I have no set formula - I just want it to sit on the tracks with gloopily running onto my carpet!

    11. Allow 10 to dry thoroughly.Then get some weathering powders, add turpentine or similar, and wash them all over the vehicle, simulating dirt covering everything.

    12. Hit the vehicle with a layer of gloss varnish to fix the weathering powders in place.

    13. Then apply a final matte varnish spray to remove the sheen.

    14. You may want to add an optional step of highlighting any metallic bits still visible, as the matte varnish will have dulled them, too.


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