Saturday, 21 August 2010

General Terrain

Small pieces are all very well, but one can't do battle without a gaming table. As you'll know from having scoured rigorously previous entries, I have plenty of boards for a regular game. However, I hope to host a 15k a side Apocalypse game next summer, and for that I need to finish off a few boards I've been leaving alone for too long. One is this 4' by 2' bit of wood. Originally, it was to be a river board, but I've decided it's to be a dried-up river board now. I've just put some static grass on, and will tomorrow, once the glue's dried, sweep off the excess.


Underneath it is the next large board I need to finish off: a trench board. On completion, I should have twelve foot of trench. Huzzah!

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