Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tents: Big guns never tire, but Guardsmen do.

I'm coming up with this as I go along, so it's hard to specify what you'll need to replicate it! You will certainly need a base. And some cardboard. I could claim that you need to buy some very pleasant Scotch, send me the bottle, and then cut up the box, but I don't think anyone would fall for it. Precise dimensions aren't important, in my opinion. One merely needs to generate something which sufficiently resembles a tent on the gaming table. Anyway, to business. I cut the cardboard, using the natural corner of the box as the apex of the tent. I trimmed half an inch off the lower ends to reduce the height of the tents. You could make your tents a bit lower or higher, depending on your preferences. Then I marked out places for the tent on the base, and used a hot glue gun to secure them in place with the least trouble. A hot glue gun is handy because the hot glue rapidly dries. If I'd used PVA, I should have had to pin or hold the pieces in place for quite a time. Behold the tens as they are now, with Lieutenant Farnsworth of 1st Platoon, 1st Coy for scale.


Now you want the PVA. Fetch some toilet roll or tissues. Dilute some PVA with water. Now place the thin paper over the tents, and carefully apply the dilute PVA. You may find it easiest to apply some PVA first, so they paper sit still, and then to carefully apply more. Do be careful here. The card I have used for the tents has a certain resistance to water, but if you are using bare card, the water may warp the tent, producing an unexpected appearance. Once you've glued the paper to your cardboard frame, set it aside to dry. The airing cupboard is often recommended for this purpose, so do take care not to glue your work to the best bedlinen!


While this dries, avail yourself, age permitting, of a spot of the Scotch!

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