Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lazarus or Frankenstein-like, I return

There have been no updates because I have been recuperating. For a lot of the time that involved sitting or lying down downstairs. Between the evening of the 16th and afternoon of the 22nd it involved going back into hospital, having a massive infection treated with two kinds of antibiotics and this, that and the other. I'm now back on my feet, and had a two-mile walk yesterday, which is the furthest I've gone on my feet since before this all kicked off on 4th February. Surgery takes a surprising amount out of one. At times one even lacks the energy to read.

On the modelling front, I have some new and old ideas. Of course, things will still progress slowly, with the excuse that I have a hole in me still. Did you know that there's nothing like a doctor wiping decayed gunk out of my wound with his gloved fingers to make me tightly gasp "Good Lord!" The more stressful and unpleasant the situation the more restrained my language seems. I nearly ski'd off a hillside a few years ago, tightly remarking "Jumping Jiminy!" instead of anything stronger. Anyway, my plan is for some self-propelled guns, tank-hunters and so forth. I have drawn up a list of eight or nine variations, and mean to get cracking on one soonish. I will also finish that fan with all seemly speed.

Until next time!

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