Friday, 7 October 2011

The Post With No Name

So called because I seem to have failed to slap a title on this before posting it. I was not even aware that was possible. Now read on!

Blind Date, a film starring Bruce Willis (pre-Die Hard) and Kim Basinger, begins very, very slowly. There wasn't anything to laugh at for a considerable amount of time, and then it devolved into a true slapstick farce. I think there were about four car crashes, all involving the same car. I am rather a fan of slapstick, so that sits well. Quite why the first half of the film didn't contain any jokes is beyond me, but the latter half is full to bursting. In the last two minutes of viewing, Bruce Willis has smashed the back window of his brother's car, and broken a bed by kicking it.

The Arachnids are going well. I've undercoated the lot of them, and have begun a test paint-scheme on a single model. Some Iyanden Darksun to catch the bits I missed with the spray, then some repeated, diluted layers of Bad Moon Yellow to get the acid yellow colour of the movie monsters, Ruby Red for the, er, red bits, and then Vallejo black. That's my thinking so far. I'll probably throw a wash or two in somewhere. Here's how the beasties look at present.

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