Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I am consumed with the feeling of "D'oh!"

I rang a friend earlier tonight, and the result was that which you, dear reader, might yet guess at from the title. Yes, I tried to wish him a Happy Birthday. I had carefully noted down the date of his arrival on Terra with pen and paper. Er, I mean that I wrote with a pen on some paper that his birthday was on such and such a date. Er, no. It is not this month. I rang to say I would ring with good wishes tomorrow. I discovered that the morning's sun will not bring his
mind, wholly or in part. His birthday is not on the twelfth, nor in October. Yeah: arse.

The Basilisks have had their transfers. I have acquired my food for tomorrow (it is in the main alcoholic, I must confess - but I feel I should point out that I mean to test it on two friends who will be at my birthday party and who are going to be along tomorrow to see a film). Many things are in their right places. I have learned today that I might be elsewhere in late January, and wealthier, too. I might also be not so wealthy (that is correct English, I hope), and closer to home. But the important thing is joyfulness, and I shall provide this, dear reader. For now I submit that you should rest, while I work hard at this whole "being awake" doodah!

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