Saturday, 22 October 2011

Secret Project: Trench Warfare

Yes, I was working on a trench the other day. I am actually on the verge of redecorating, er, repainting and remodelling three 4' by 2' trench boards, which can be linked together to create a 12' by 2' strip of terrifying defences. The segment I am currently working on is the centrepiece, marked with two Forgeworld turret emplacements and a sizeable bunker for whoever commands this network. I slapped a load of paint on this the other day, but the gaps are abundantly in evidence. I need, as you will see, to repaint the other two boards, so it's no huge problem. The duckboards and wooden supports of the sides of the trench are either matchsticks or balsa wood. The framework of the board is polystyrene ceiling tile, covered with tissue paper impregnated with PVA heavily diluted with water.

Household filler, PVA glue, water and sand were mixed in various proportions and applied to various bits of the board. I've run out of PVA, so this third board is a bit different from the other two. I'm not sure I'll be happy with this in the long run, but for now, it'll do. Although these boards were designed primarily with 40K in mind, they will also offer some utility in Great War engagements. I'll be stretching barbed wire across the face of this central board, and have another 39" or so of the stuff available to cover the remaining 8' of board. Not quite enough, eh! Anyway, enjoy these pics. I may post again later today.

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