Monday, 18 June 2012

Innocence, thy name is Pete!

In retrospect, it seems blindingly obvious that reviewing on my blog a famous film shortly after its release will lead to an upsurge in views, but I am not the chap to realise such things before the event. Over two hundred folk visited this blog that day. I thank all of you and especially Ridley Scott! I've been looking forward to this summer, as it contains Iron Sky, Prometheus, Skyfall and the final Batman flick. There's probably a load of other filmage coming out, but I have either failed to pay attention or quite forgotten it. This argues against my capability to capitalise on the financial investments of film studios to the benefit of this wee site! The fact that yesterday's post was directing my readers to look at year-old photographs of my pet rabbit further suggests I might not be a tactical-genius-cum-blog-mastermind.

I see that Blogger have "improved" their security features for posting replies again. Last time they "improved" them by slurring the words so badly together that people couldn't even read 'em! They had already horribly perverted the meaning of the word word by asking people to retype two collections of random letters, which they claimed were words. Perhaps I'm unfair. I don't speak Polynesian or Xhosa or any one of over a hundred current languages. Maybe "topitu" means something in a language I don't know. Anyway, Blogger's latest wheeze is to show a photograph of a house number (presumably nabbed from Google Earth or something - I had heard that some naughty SatNav company was using visual info they had pledged to destroy for other stuff, so this might be that) and call the picture of the number a "word". I asked one mate about this, and he immediately spotted that the plug in the corner with some electrical wiring off to the right was "44". I asked another mate about it, and he said he couldn't see a blasted thing!

I hate being outrun by the march of technology to ever "better" things. I am in some ways a deplorable old stick in the mud. At thirty-one, yes. Quiet, you! Visiting my friend, Mark, the other week, he was astounded that I was using a pen with a nib. They're really nice. I can't imagine not using them. Biros and pencils have their places, but writing without a nib? Madness! There was a debate in the letters page of my newspaper over what to call such a pen. Quill pens have, um, quills. Cartridge pens (such as mine) have, er, cartridges, and the fountain pen is a bit of nomenclature technically reserved for the stylus without either feathers or cartridges. If you've ever read a newspaper's letters page, you'll know that "technically" is all the currency they deal in!

On which note, folks, I promise you a return to regular content this week. I have been accountably, quite accountably, distracted from the regular gaming concerns these last several days. Happily, Blogger lets one prepare a series of things to load in one's absence. The problem arises when one has no time to load stuff up! This week I intend to get several bits and bobs done. Look forward to that, folks!


  1. Ahh Iron sky, Straight to DVD! it wasnt the best, but the ending I thought was pretty well done.


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