Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Urban Habitation Unit: Recycling Rubbish!

I think this was a salad drawer from a fridge. It's either that or it is some sort of plastic planter. Whatever it's from, it's just the right size for a nice little residential unit. If I played Infinity, I'd be rubbing my hands with glee, I suspect. Anyway, I cleaned it out, as it had accumulated a mass of dirt when I found it out back. What next? Well, I want to detail it, and for that I need a nice surface, so I cut some 0.5mm plasticard into large flat pieces, and layer it all over the flat areas, avoiding the curves. I am now trying to decide precisely how to decorate it. I have some ideas, and in my next update, I shall expound one or two! Until then, folks!

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