Monday, 25 June 2012

Return of the giant industrial fan!

It's back, and this time it's bigger than ever! I've got three fans (of this size) salvaged from dead PCs in our attic. The first is being made into a large cooling tower. The walls are 2mm thick plasticard, wrapped round with 0.25mm plasticard to cover the gaps. I decided to go with a different vibe for this one, having seen Prometheus the other day. So this piece has unusual patterning. It's been undercoated. Watch this space for updates, folks!


  1. Starting to look interesting, also that looks a mighty big gun just on cammera

    1. Thankee! There are two ridiculously large guns on the edge of vision. I bought two 1/35 guns, a 6" and an 8" (both Vietnam era, I think). The 6" gun is reviewed here: - they're both made by the same company.


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