Monday, 2 July 2012

The evils of technology!

If you're reading this, then you're either doing so on your (or a mate's or a library's) computer or you're hiding behind me, in which case I don't own any valuables, and would love you to leave without hurting me or me screaming in terror. On Saturday we had a storm hereabouts, and my internet connection went out. It happens. It didn't come back on, so I had a poke at the computer, turned things off and on, unplugged wires, left them for a bit, then reconnected them. Nope. So yesterday (Sunday) I asked Dad to have a look at it tonight (Monday). So he had a look at it yesterday (Sunday). I have an EeePC, and so that I can see stuff I have connected it to a big monitor. At the time this was plugged into an ancient PC, the only thing I can play games on.

I was playing a game. I may have been misleading when I said "games" because what I can play amounts to Civ 2. That's not a bad game. Don't misunderstand me. But it isn't exactly contemporary. Anyway, I unplugged the monitor and plugged it into the EeePC so Dad could see the screen. The monitor at this point decided I had committed an unspeakable monstrosity; it went blue with rage. It is still blue now. I have waggled stuff, unplugged things, turned them off and on again. Maybe it's holding its breath. Many of you reading this are wargamers. You're wargamers on the internet. You use your computers to go to different sites and see pictures of other folks' work. Imagine everything is a blue, except for red, which is black. Imagine blue as black, and then imagine peering myopically at an Ultramarine, say. My PC use is now like some '80s sci-fi flick in that period when they stopped using green and black all the time. Tsk.

On the plus side, I have got the blasted internet working again. The magic required this time was the following. Write this down in case you suffer the same. Unplug the box with an aerial that interposes between the PC and the wall socket. Then leave it unplugged for about twelve hours, believing it to be broken. Don't be tempted to disconnected it for the usually efficacious half hour. That won't work. Plug it back in, and the best of luck to you! Until next time, folks, this is Sarky Pete saying goodnight!

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