Monday, 16 July 2012

Space Thingy: more boards!

It is a while since I posted on this subject, but I'm pleased to report substantial progress. As you may imagine, it is tedious to be forever cutting up vinyl, and filing superglue off one's fingers. Nonetheless, the last few nights have seen a lot of work done on the three other 18" by 18" boards I plan to make. For those who missed the opening stages of this project, here's a quick recap. I have made loads of walls and doors for the purpose of the sort of sci-fi games inside a space hulk or scientific research outpost and the like. I started off making small bits of flooring, with 1.5" squares, and then decided to expand things by making a square board 18" on each side. Then my ambition ran away with me, and I decided I'd make three more so I could have a 3' by 3' battlefield, if I fancied. I'm stopping now, I promise. No need to send me to the psychiatrist! So I cut up the vinyl I had left, marked out 2mm thick plasticard boards, pencilling in where the lines would go, and then adding 0.5mm strips of plasticard to serve as a support structure for the 1.5" squares that will sit over the vinyl mesh. It's nearly done! Nearly!

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