Saturday, 28 July 2012


What else could I call a baby Shadowsword? Yesterday I spoke of a wee baby human and baby ducks. Today I speak of something more appealing to many wargamers: a baby Shadowsword. I had a spare main gun left over from some mostly forgotten construction project, and I had some sides left over from making tank road-wheels from Lego heads. So what I joined together let no man put asunder! I am divided between finishing it off as a Valdor tank hunter ( ) or coming up with some rather better rules that marry a Malcador hull to a Volcano Cannon. I believe I correctly recall that the Valdor rules were the cause of much lamentation at the time of their release. Anyway, here is where I am up to so far with the Valdor. Any thoughts appreciated - well, within reason: do not say that Audrey Hepburn was not gorgeous or I shall have to write you off as some wretched lunatic!

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