Monday, 30 July 2012

Terrain: Ramshackle Buildings

I was inspired by this blog the other day ( ) to dust off some half-worked on pieces of scenery, and have another go at finishing them off. It reminded me how simple and easy terrain construction can be. I got a couple of shapes (a block and an inverted tub), and glued them to a spare bit of wood. I wanted an untidy look of variety to them, so one has a half-wood, half-corrugated steel look to it, and the other is just wooden planks. A couple of fence posts have been added, and later on they'll get some trailing barbed wire to give them a bit more depth and realism. Barbed wire is really easy to make, depending just what sort you want. I have been making sci-fi terrain lately, using vinyl-mesh. This needs cutting to size, and some of the offcuts are perfect for barbed wire. Use the ones that have a central spine of vinyl and "tines" sticking out on either side. Once added to the rest of the scenery, painted and weathered, they look just right!

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