Friday, 27 July 2012

Return of the Duck

We have lately been receiving the visits of a duck with her wee ducklings. They are adorable. By chance this happened just as two friends of mine had their first wee baby. It has been a lovely, wonderful time! Nick the Bunny has been visiting us lately, too, taking advantage of the fact that we leave out bread for the ducks. I chose the name Nick as the rabbit has a piece missing from his or her right ear. Do not expect to see me on the stand-up circuit any time soon. The ducklings are too small to use the big tub we leave out for the ducks to wash in and drink from (if they would use different ones, we would put out different ones!), so we put out a shallow tray (which formerly stored mushrooms) and a spare butter dish, and then a paint tray, since we aren't using that at the minute. Apologies for the lack of blogging lately. I have mislaid my mask, so when I popped into Dad's room to use his PC the other day, I ended up hacking like a man dying of tuberculosis. I had a good look for that mask, and managed to unearth it. Anyway, enjoy these wildlife shots.

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