Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Federation Reinforcements

All is going well on this front, folks. I have blocked in the main colours, repeatedly washed the starships, and am now having a bit of a think about highlighting and names. I am also grudgingly fiddling with the Dreadnought. I had not been paying attention, and had glued her rear nacelles on angled rather than all flat and horizontal. I realised and attempted to rectify my error, but discovered that only through GS and some judicious use of props (paintbrushes and a syringe) could I sort out the trouble. The nameless Dread is still sitting in place. This is inarguably one instance where resin models would have been easier to secure than metal ones. Still, there is no use crying over misplaced bovine lactation - or soya substitute in my case.

I am going to knock up a wee campaign for what ships I have, including a few merchantmen you can see pictured below. I hope to get a few games in, either with my brother or a friend, or perhaps even both! It's a bit of a shame that the first will be the first wargame of 2012 for me, but there we are. I am very much behind the rest of the gaming world at the minute. There is no likelihood of 40k's 6th Ed appearing on my shelf in the near future. The money is lacking. I may buy a couple of packs of those pretty Musketeer Miniatures BEF Early War cavalry. Until such time as that happens, take a look at what I have similarly won from Mongoose and the few vessels I decided to scratch or kitbash into something I could pop on the battlefield.

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