Monday, 6 August 2012

The Indefatigable Federation!

As you can see, the Federation reinforcements are now pretty much done. They have a few more spots that need work - starboard running lights and some small details. Anyway, allow me to present to you the newest ships in the fleet. The new Dreadnought is USS Alliance, NCC-2113, the new Battlecruiser is USS Montana, NCC-1765, USS Mecca is the Chicago-class New Heavy Cruiser, NCC-1659, USS Mutso, NCC-1506, is the Kearsage-class New Light Cruiser, and last and also least is USS Ortega, NCC-700, the name ship of her class of Destroyers. You may have noticed a theme here: all the ships have short names. I have only violated my search for the tiniest of names once, in the case of USS Enterprise!

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