Saturday, 18 August 2012

Star Trek: The Sky Full of Stars

Well, not so much the sky as an old table tennis table. I mentioned the other day that I had not bothered to take any pictures of my second game because I had as yet no pretty table. So I found some black paint in the back and set to work sprucing up the scratched old thing. Space is not just black, of course, so I grabbed a few cans of spraypaint: red, green, and a nearly dead white one. I squeezed a few spurts from that last, and misted a little white onto the table, too, creating the appearance of stars and interstellar dust, then I misted some red and green onto the table to suggest nebulae. It's come out pretty well, although the same cannot be said of the pictures I took of the table painted gloss black after the paint had dried. A disagreement between the flash and the paint is probably to blame. Here are a few shots of what the table looks like now. In a while, once the fumes have dissipated out the windows, I may manage to have a game and take some shots.

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