Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Terrain Tutorial: Nissen-inspired hut

This is not quite a Nissen Hut, as those were formed from corrugated metal, whereas this version is smooth. But if you want to make a version that is truer to life, all you need to do is glue some corrugated card to the outside of this creation.


* Base
* Large cardboard tube
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Cardboard of plasticard for detailing
* Polystyrene cement
* Superglue
* A few bits and pieces from your box of bits

1) Cut a large cardboard tube down. Measure your base so you can be sure it will fit on it. So you will probably have a tube a couple of inches tall. Cut the tube in half so you have two little tunnels.

2) Glue them to the base with the hot glue gun, and glue a big sheet of plasticard or card on either end. Let it set, and then trim it. Knock up a door from plasticard, and glue another few small bits to the outside to detail the structure. See Figs. 1&2.

3) Apply some PVA to the base, let it dry, and coat it with some dilute PVA to lock it in. Once dry, paint the building. I applied the old Foundation Knarloc Green, I think, and then stippled a variety of other colours atop that: yellow, black, light and dark green, and dark brown. Then I applied a load of Agrax Earth across the whole thing. See Figs. 3&4.

Until next time, folks, happy 'gaming!

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