Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Shape of Things to Come!

Hey up, folks. I have a load of work lined up to show you, but it's all just ever so slightly away from being finished. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this preview of coming attractions. First up there's a wooden watchtower, good for your French and Indian Wars or regular Warhammer games and the like.

Next is this ruined multi-storey apartment block. Just polystyrene, balsa and a base at the moment. It'll get a layer of sand and a spot of paint before you see it again!

Third is this imposing monolith. I'm not big on glyphs and the like, so I put my education to poor use by writing "LITHOS" on it (Greek for stone).

Fourth is a wee Nissen Hut kind of thing. Maybe it's part of a small colony, or a power relay station, a storage unit.

Fifth is the penultimate word in emplacements. This thing can fit a whole tank in it, or a small platoon of Guardsmen.

I should have the tutorials up for these things pretty soon, folks.Until then, happy gaming!

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