Monday, 25 March 2013

Terrain Tutorial: Rotating Field Gun in a Bunker

First, catch your hare, as I understand Mrs Beeton once wrote.


* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Sand
* PVA glue
* Paint and brushes
* Various sizes of plastic tube (you'll want something thick enough to make the barrel of a tank's gun in your chosen universe)
* Plasticard sheet
* Foamcard
* Basing material

1) Gather your bits and bobs together. It's always a great idea to have everything to hand. See Fig. 1.

2) Cut a strip of 40mm foamcard. This will be the sides of your building. Mark out on your base the diameters of your building, and cut the lengths of this to that scheme. The front should have a gap for the gun to point out and threaten your foes. I made a 15mm gap in the frontage to allow the gun to point out. Knock up a gun from various diameters of plasticard tube. See Fig. .2.

3) Assemble the walls of your bunker with the hot glue gun. Since my base was triangular, so is the bunker. So adapt your bunker to the shape of your base. Knock up a door from pieces of plasticard or card, and glue that to the back of the building. See Figs. 3&4.

4) Get two diameters of plasticard tube, one one of which fits around the other, and glue the thinner one in the middle of your bunker. Note it can be tricky to get a long gun into your bunkr latr, so I recommend slipping it in at this point. See Figs. 5&6.

5) Glue your gun to the thicker tube, which should fit nicely around the thinner one. See Fig. 7. Ensure it rotates freely. See Fig. 8.

6) Paint the interior of the bunker black now. You will glue a roof on the bunker shortly, after which point reaching the innards will be a bother! See Fig. 9.

7) Glue a roof atop the bunker. See Fig. 10.

8) Apply a layer of dilute PVA over the whole of the model except the gun and door, and liberally apply sand. Once this has dried, apply another layer of dilute PVA across it all.

9) Paint the model as desired. See Figs. 11&12.

Happy gaming, folks!

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